Emotional abuse in relationships and the warning signs


Abusive behaviour is typically used to control another individual and includes the use of tactics such as humiliation, manipulation, fear and intimidation. Emotional abuse does exist and unfortunately it is common than you may first think for. Many of those who are experiencing emotional abuse do not feel as though they are as important as those living with a physically abusive partner, however this is not the case, and although scars and wounds are not left as a result of emotional abuse there is a large impact on the victim which can include the development of Mental health conditions such as Depression, and Anxiety as well as effecting the individuals views upon themselves such as lower self esteem, and the feeling of worthlessness. This is why it is incredibly important that awareness is raised when it comes to domestic abuse.

Emotional abuse typically has a great impact psychologically than physical abuse, this is because the tactics and behaviours expressed are often aimed at the individual as a whole and are often incredibly controlling. Along with this victims of emotional abuse are more likely to blame themselves due to the nature of the abuse.

You may be in an emotionally abusive relationship if you notice these things:

  • Your partner has a tendency to regularly embarrass you in front of others.
  • Your partner constantly critisices you whether it’s because you ‘done something wrong’ or because you ‘don’t look good enough’ in something you’re wearing
  • Your partner often disregards your ideas and opinions
  • You find that your partner controls many aspects within your life
  • Your partner uses sarcasm to make you feel bad about yourself
  • You feel as though you need to ask for ‘permission’ before you make your own decisions
  • Your partner believes that they are always right and that you are wrong
  • They accuse and blame you of things that are not true
  • Your partner disregards your feelings
  • You find that your partner is lacking in empathy and compassion
  • Your partner shares personal and sometimes intimate details about you with others

Unfortunately these are only a few of the warning signs, however the first step to putting a stop to abusive behaviour is to recognise it! And gain control over yourself once again. Below I have attached some useful links for victims of emotional abuse, that I hope none of my readers will ever have to use. However if you need support please reach out.

Stay strong! And stay happy!

Useful links:





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